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23: 05: 11 / Poing - The Poinger double transfer affair is not over yet. Then, the CSU does Mayor Albert Hingerl ( SPD) and accuses him of having to divert attention from his responsibility. In a statement released Monday cast Wolfgang Lang, chairman of the Municipal Group, and local chairman Joachim Saam Mayor Albert Hingerl ( SPD) , to have been distracted from its responsibilities in terms of double payment.

Also " crucial questions about the responsibility of the mayor left open" were. In 2002, an officer of the municipality Poing had accidentally paid twice the amount of 470, 000 to the developer of the senior center. Only a half years later, the employee noticed his mistake and informed the management elite.

Since that was the double payment issue several times in non- public meetings of the council, which always has been unanimously decided to proceed. To the public, the affair reached the end of March, when employed, the Higher Regional Court in Munich with the case. After its ruling, the church will meet again on the 470 000 334 550 probably never again.

The building contractor from Regensburg is now gone into bankruptcy. In the town meeting on 12 April Mayor Albert Hingerl has detailed all the steps and decisions described in the council, taken since the discovery of the double transfer. In the recent council meeting to demand Mayor Albert Hingerl Wolfgang Spieth ( FDP) has the possibility of further publications are planned, is denied. In his view, that everything was stated openly, so Hingerl.

The matter was settled for him. " This has upset us, " CSU is Group Chairman Wolfgang Lang angry. In his view, have Hingerl as head of the municipality not been accepted political responsibility for the double transfer. The question of why the CSU - has sponsored in recent years, the non- public decisions - only now going out of cover, answered Wolfgang Lang: " We had the time that the double payment was known to cannibalize the whole thing political. We wanted to do but not enough to avert a financial loss of the community and to protect other affected employees. " Now, however, it was necessary to take responsibility for the error. " We have never said that we cover the error in itself, " said Lang, adding that the CSU wanted to " explain in due time, " why she has so far not spoken publicly about the case.

And then there is a sentence in the letter of Lang and Saam, who ( in March 2012 elections) to the upcoming mayor election match: " Poing a mayor takes the lead, and not always hiding behind the council. " And again " The CSU take the responsibility of the Mayor for the financial damage cells of the double transfer is not. "

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army news times Man forces Sechsjhrige touching penis - Mnchen Center - Mnchen city - Local -






army news times


05: 11 / Munich - An unidentified man has a six year old girl forced in the English garden, to touch his penis. The child was so intimidated that it was only after two weeks, reported the incident. The girl had been playing on the playground near the Chinese Tower.

There, they spoke of a previously unknown man. He called on the six- year- old, to help him " Pipimachen. This should be the girl to touch his penis.

The six- year- old was first in what the man wanted, but then ran like this. The mother and other friends stayed at this time in the beer garden at the Chinese Tower. The incident took place on 25 April between 15. 30 und 20 clock.

Two weeks later confided the child to someone and told them about the incident. The girl described the perpetrator as a man with dark blond, long neck, back combed hair and blue eyes.

He was wearing a flashy, multi- link earrings, whose final link in the middle and edged striped blue / red. Time of the crime he was wearing a blue T- shirt, gray pants and black shoes.

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17: 05: 11 / Dachau - He was on his way to his pregnant girlfriend to her to make a marriage proposal. Tragically, Simon P. accident on the road.

One accident involved in Altomnster died at the accident site. Dachau before the district court has now held for trial.

The accident driver was given a fine of 8100 and 14 months loss of license.

The prosecutor had demanded a years imprisonment on probation. It happened 300 meters behind the hamlet Xyger at Wollomoos.

100 kilometers per hour on wet roads were too much.

The 3- series BMW skidded and crashed into an oncoming Ford Ka then rotated and the BMW collided with another car.

The driver of the Ford Ka yet succumbed to their injuries at the accident site. The 57- year- old driver of the second car suffered bruises.

For the accident from Aichach was a broken collarbone and a collapsed lung two weeks in- patient treatment.

According to witnesses, he was completely in shock after the accident. The 30- year- old has since been under psychiatric care. In court, he hardly dares to raise his eyes. " If I could, I would undo everything. Im so terribly sorry alls, " he says. ( Reg)

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county flagler newspaper Olympics 2018: Interview with opponents - Oberammergau -






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21: 11: 10 / Oberammergau - A young man from Oberammergau ( county Garmisch- Partenkirchen) , Claudia Roth, has a line made by the bill. He has positioned himself on the party against them - and won a vote. Mr.

Freier, why have you introduced the Anti- Olympic proposal at the party? We finally took a clear position. The lack of uniform line was interpreted as consent, while there has been no nationwide decision. Just because the Greens are capable of governing, we must not ducking us.

Their party leader has a different opinion. Claudia Roth says you must get involved to make able. At first glance, this is a good argument.

But in the course of the application has been shown that the influence is very small from the inside. We are in danger of being exploited as a green loin cloth.

With pressure from the outside can move it more. Do not worry about your image? The Greens will have already accused of being a party the other hand . . . . . . but I can not disagree with any nonsense, just because I fear a certain image! In addition, we are not against something - we are on the environment and for a reform of the Olympic machine.

What? !

The IOC ( International Olympic Committee, Ed) , there is plenty of corruption, as much is going wrong. Those responsible have a fixed idea in his head to look like Olympia. The reality on the ground will then be adjusted accordingly, without regard for nature and man. It should be the other way around: The games should adapt to the conditions. How is this possible?

Why must be because everything is always bigger and more spectacular? Is this really the Olympic spirit? It could be the games every four years, but deliver the same place, always under the motto of a new host country.

Instead, the huge swarm of mosquitoes constantly travels the globe. So they are not against the Olympic Games in Garmisch- Partenkirchen, but against the way? Olympia, as it now is simply, can be held with us is not compatible for finance, the environment and people. Point.

The application takes a different company. Its a weird feing to have to do with them. You present any numbers that you can never check.

You are treating a top- down, the purest landowners method. This can perhaps make in China, but not living in a democracy. These are heavy accusations. Was the debate at the party like emotionally?

On the podium there was more to the factual arguments. But behind the stage, it was emotional - and really exciting, because it was not clear how the vote will turn out.

I have great respect for it, has like Claudia Roth received the vote at last.

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free newsgroups via www web Healers: slap in the face - Grafing - Ebersberg - Local - Mercury






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23: 01: 11 / Grafing - are tantamount to a blow in the face of the statements of opinion of the future Council of the Bavarian State Government for the municipalities belonging, so Grafing Mayor Rudolf healer. Economic prosperity for the cities and in rural areas to establish a reserve for the environment and nature, so let the simplified, in the words of the District Chairman of the Municipalities of Upper Bavaria, Rudolf healer, bring on the denominator. The surprise is not so healer when you look at the names of the Commissioners and their functions more closely. give representatives of rural areas it is not in this body. " If today the development of megacities, following the example of Asia speaks the word and projected for Bavaria, makes up the centers have a built- up space on an unprecedented scale, with the result that the working people to withdraw further from the countryside and deserted the villages and towns. Anyone who is serious about equal living conditions, takes the call, the statements of opinion as realittslos " said Heiler, the Prime Minister Horst Seehofer auffordrert to distance themselves from the report. ( Ez)

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north forty news colorado

This can master the extractor narrator who he wants. If it were not so wre, yes it gbe blatant Fhigkeitsmngel in the management and deep sleep when the policy makers. People did not even notice, but in dollars and cents, they say that is no longer, but in euros and cents. Bauer tricks, Ross Tuscher probably still mild. gren The entire rear of the candidates cunning society, the state capital and the IOC, but also the national IOC LSST, gives a taste of what comes.

Thumbscrews Kartellrechtsverste, brutal monopoly and broke the law, eg of the exemption, FR The IOC. Only a mini- exodus of the structures that are still taken in by about becoming rock, like biblical plagues. The Ski World Championships was actually a little taste, a bite that was already consumed by the Others. The village remained the crumbs and the Tribnen sow the school as classes on Fller to send TV via a false image in the world.

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intraday data provided news market stocks Each stroke a half: coasters dispute to court - city






intraday data provided news market stocks



11 / Munich - Such a beer mat has all kinds of functions.

He absorbs the condensation of the bright half, covers dice being shaken - and documented what it owes to the landlord for beer and liquor.

Not always of course, wants to believe the guest host at the end that all the lines should be flowed through by him.

With such a situation recently faced the Munich district court faced. The landlady of a pub had sued a former regular customer, because their bill was not paid. Just because she was a regular customer, had the defendant not pay the same. Their thirst was held on beer mats, collected the caps. In the end, from 136 - said the landlady.

The regular customer wanted to pay only 96 .

Never in my life it has consumed for 136 .

Coasters, they argued, would be too easy to falsify, and therefore useless as evidence. It rejected the landlady. Do nothing is distorted, every stroke a beer for 2. 20 . Since report a coaster can not, as it was now with the lines, statement was against hers.

The court heard three witnesses while, but brought no clarity. In the end, the parties agreed on a settlement: The defendant paid the landlady 112.

As the district court said, the process costs 255 more than twice as high. Had the witness not waived its compensation expenses, which would also come on top of it yet.

Category List Picture: AP

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l.a daily news 13-Jhriger wants to buy cigarettes geflschtem ID: Display - Taufkirchen (Vils) -






l.a daily news

21: 03: 11 / Inning / Taufkirchen - At 13 years, an inning too young to be allowed to buy cigarettes. Still, he tried his luck at the weekend at a gas station in the country Shuter Street in Taufkirchen. To this end, he presented a forged identity card.

This was the attentive seller who alerted the police.

Which provided the false document safe and handed the child to his parents. In addition, the Youth Office and the prosecutor were on.

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daily lottery news Dieter Schneider: Manfred Stoffers wanted to einschleimen - 1860 - Sports -






daily lottery news

6: 04: 11 / Munich - Lions Head renovators Dieter Schneider makes the failure of ex- CEO Manfred Stoffers allegations. This means the statements of the president as " populist" .

The rescue of the TSV 1860 is imminent. the million- deal with the Jordanians Abdullah Hasan Ismaik It should work, is chief restructuring specialist Dieter Schneider into the Hall of Fame of the traditional club.

The situation is different with Manfred Stoffers. The ex- manager is frustrated by the mammoth task, and finally resigned. Honor due to him under all the fans today if need be, taken against arch- rivals FC Bayern into the fight to be. Unsuccessful. The Lions have lost the arena process.

Now is Stoffers as " secretary for policy issues to the board of the Gauselmann AG, Germanys Primus among private gambling companies, active.

And if Schneider thinks Stoffers, this is not gone well.

The Sddeutsche Zeitung writes from the claim that substances have formed in the arena process does not have reserves in case of a legal defeat. He also had with the process at the Lion fans " act nice to" try: " 1860 was among Stoffers simply broke" , quotes the SZ Schneider. Vice President and Board Franz Maget supports the allegations of the president and says Stoffers information was " deceptive" was. Ejection seat 1860: What ( former) officials over the past seven years, you know?

The tz Stoffers has confronted with the allegations. He described the allegations as " old hat" and has decided Maget already. To legal action, he dispensed with. And whats with the alleged Einschleimversuchen?

Stoffers, " This is a bit populist. " One must not forget that Schneider said the statements on a Fanveranstaltung.

Stoffers is convinced: " He knows better. " kim / lk category list image: sampics

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