county forsyth ga newspaper History of Green train, interesting






county forsyth ga newspaper

Near the metro station " Nagatinskaya" is a platform where the train stops Paveletskiy direction.

Stops train, people with bales began hustling, running, packed in cars and in the last seconds on the platform of the transition flies an aunt, and begins to yell: " What a train, what train? " ( In the sense direction) . . . people do not pay attention - once distracted! scattered through the train.

My aunt continues to cry out: " What train? " drop fears, because you can damn- where to go . . . In the end, train is about to budge, the platform was empty, auntie on the platform was still yelling, hoping to catch drop: " What train? " , to which the remainder of the platform wino, looking at her with dull eyes, irritated issue: " false . . hic GREEN! "

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21605 news History Catch a traitor!, Interesting






21605 news

History Catch a traitor! What day of the year as the most successful private detectives? This Valentines Day.

According to statistics, this day they receive the most orders for surveillance of unfaithful partners.

However, as recognized by professionals, in order to catch your spouse ( or spouse) with treason, it is not necessary to hire a detective. One can still easily do on their own. # 10: A typical error adulterer - a plan the " trip" on Valentines Day, says a New York detective Stephen Davis. If your husband suddenly gathered at a business meeting in Tokyo, do not be lazy to call the airport and ask whether he had actually flown this flight, and if not, whether he did not order tickets to any destination.

9 place: Be alert to the fact that the partner responds to you on a proposal to dine together. In all, without exception, institutions have a break for lunch.

Thats caught the lawyer, who declined to dine with his wife on Valentines Day.

8 th place: a nightmare for a traitor could be the safety of his computer. Over 100 small dollars, you can install on his computer spy software that will track everything, including the one on which he pressed the keys, not to mention the used e- mail addresses and Web sites he had visited. In addition, the program automatically takes a snapshot every two minutes, so if a traitor looking photos of your beloved, you will know her in person.

7 th place: Slim. TRAK GPS system for 679 dollars you can hide in the car.

With it you can learn about the location of the object kazh 4ye two minutes. Detailed map shows where the machine, how fast it moves and where the last stop. 6 place: Keep in mind that the traitor with experience not pierce such a trifle as a mistake with the name. He previously hedged, calling his wife and mistress, and all manner of tender names ( cat, fish, honey, baby, doll, etc. ) 5 th place: Traitor experienced cleanliness of their clothes - a lipstick, and strange hair on it was found. But it happens that he suddenly begins to " freeze" hot summer nights and sleeps in a T- shirt.

Make sure not to scratch it be someone. 4 th place: you should alert the new perfume as a gift. Especially if he starts to smell these perfumes, while you do not even open their own bottle. 3 rd place: Potential traitor hates neighbors and does not encourage dialogue with " those gossips. Your friendship with neighbors will not allow him to bring her friends home.

2 nd place: In chronic traitor regularly appear and disappear just as quickly new hobby.

And he does not know in advance than be carried away by the next time. This will depend on his new mistress.

1 place: New words and phrases in speech. At first glance, the exposure of your favorite ( favorite) on the basis of linguistic analysis of speech - it is fantastic. But actually, its real.

There are people who are linguistically gifted, with special sensitivity to the peculiarities and subtle nuances of a foreign language. And there are people who - usually without even realizing it the report - very accurately replicate speech of those who constantly communicate. Please note, if suddenly your better half will ever be used in the speech speed, which you had not noticed him.

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dallas news 8

Our site contains a huge collection of interesting funny stories from life. You are tired and want to relax? Our funny funny stories will help you pass the time.

All stories are quite diverse orientation, but most stories taken from life. To find a particular story, you can use the keyword search or filter stories on the labels ( attributes, categories that have some stories) . If you want to share stories, send us, we will gladly post them on our site. In addition to stories on the site you will find Funny Funny humorous stories, taken of life. new home
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abc magazine news news reuters search sports Sexy sleep can be ordered "- Read the mystical and






abc magazine news news reuters search sports

Today, more and more popular is a line of psychology, when a man himself can book dreams.

Previously, it was the practice of Tibetan yoga, Native American shamans and Aborigines. And today it is tested in laboratories around the world. Try and we use it. Although in order to learn how to manage their own dreams, will take time and training, but how wonderful it is - to be able to choose a partner to taste! For lunch, please refrain from coffee and tea, and dinner that day should be easy.

Drink more water and do not drink alcoholic beverages, because they make any man weak and dull his senses. Before bedtime, avoid physical and intellectual effort - no jogging or gymnastics, and no reading that requires mental effort.

Arrange comfortably in bed ( lie on your back and put his head quite low) , even better - in complete silence: background noise interfere with sleep and dream. Do not fall asleep immediately, and send a dream where you are attracted by the desire: Imagine a partner and a tempting situation. You should see every movement, every gesture: and his own, and partner. It would be ideal if you could stay at least ten minutes in this state - between sleep and waking. Beginners are usually due to lack of experience fall asleep too early.

But after several attempts, you probably enjoy a night session begins. Typically, it occurs after 50- 100 minutes after falling asleep.

Have a nice dreams!

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marthas vineyard news paper Do not touch the head of my feet "- Read the mystical and fantastic,






marthas vineyard news paper

- Do not touch your head my feet! - Kornilsky shouted, throwing his blanket. - Do you hear, never dare to touch your stupid head, my feet! He turned off the alarm clock rings, and then swung wide and struck the dolls face. The doll jumped, flipped in the air and fell on the floor, staring at the ceiling with empty plastic eyes. - Damn you - Kornilsky muttered, folding the sheet. He threw her on the pillow, the top draped a thin checkered blanket on the bed and patted her hand.

Creaking springs, dust soared up in the air and circled back down on a mattress full of holes.

Kornilsky walked across the room, sat on a stool and looked at the doll. The doll was lying on her back, her dress battened down, revealing a plump knees, pink hair tangled in a small head. Careless smile played on the pink lips. - Its not like people - said Kornilsky and shuffled himself on the cheek. - Why are you so I do not understand. All times norovish mischief, upset me. What do I do with you?

I get rid of you, youll see, will not have time to blink. It is clear to you? - Suddenly he shouted, jumped up and kicked the doll in her stomach. Doll, waving his hands, flew across the room and hit the wall, catching hanging on a nail photo in silver frame.

Photography, swaying a few times, fell on the table stood against the wall, hit a pair of porcelain figurines depicting the Tristan and Isolde, which in a fit of love reaching out to each others hand, slipped on a smooth wooden surface and fell on the floor. Glass breaks, sprinkle peas ablaze fragments. - Well, what I say! - Vskrik.

Dul Kornilsky. - Anyway, Ill cut your head off! Although some benefit from you will be! The phone rang. Kornilsky swore and walked into the hallway, on the move picking up the foot to roll in the doorway of slippers.

Phone stood on a shelf near the door, lace doily long since lost their color, becoming a plain gray cloth. Under the ceiling stretched wire and disappeared behind the door. - Yes? - Impatiently into the phone Kornilsky. - Two! - Happily answered Gorlikov. - Whats this angry? - Dream of a bad dream, - said Kornilsky displeasure. - What do you want? - I need batteries! - Gorlikov said. - You promised you yesterday, remember? I am already two hours as the legs, you would like to go, but decided to call first.

Well, provide? - What are you a man! - Kornilsky shouted and punched the wall. - Youve got that, my hands do not have? Sams nothing you can not buy? - No way - handed Gorlikov and Kornilsky presented as it is now a spectacle out the lower jaw and lip bulge. - Sam promised, Im not pulling the tongue! I, among other things, a disabled person, and you heartless creature, here you are! Keep in mind: Im waiting up to ten!

Then fine, my brother, with himself!

So come on, do not wait! And then you know! - Yes I know, I know - after a pause, replied Kornilsky. - Try to catch. But do not promise, do you hear? I do not know when I shake myself. - And what have you got? - Animated Gorlikov. - I do not visit there as well?

Are you new lead? You tell me - that, again, huh? - Yes, some guests! - Outraged Kornilsky. - What do you mean something else to think about you?

You do not feed bread, let the fool roll! You have nothing to do, huh?

I got just that, not even eaten! - Okay, okay - Gorlikov conciliatory response. - Only the bread I do not need to feed, then you got to a point. This I did, just assumed. Who knows you, you do not say never.

A friend called!

I have seen these friends in the coffin, right? - Go to hell! - Kornilsky exploded and threw up. From the room came a quiet poskrebyvanie. Kornilsky in their hearts once again slammed his fist on the wall.

From the ceiling crumbled white trash. In the room someone quietly sobbed. Poskrebyvanie stopped. Kornilsky ran his hand over his hairy leg, pulled up pants and went into the kitchen.

From the window was visible edge of the dim winter sun is lost in low clouds, glass mesh is cut ice patterns. On the windowsill was walking a thick white dove when he saw Kornilskogo, he stopped, thought for a moment, his head bent to one side, repeatedly struck his beak into the glass and flew away. Kornilsky came to the plate and took the kettle. Kettle was almost empty.

Kornilsky shook his outstretched hand, listened to the rustling inside the sediment, and put the kettle in place. In the hallway he heard quiet footsteps. Opened the bathroom door, the water flowed. Kornilsky went to the refrigerator, pulled the door and pulled out a small vial.

Swipe your finger across splodgy something bold label, he threw back his head and in turn squeezed into each eye on a few drops. In the bathroom, someone brushing my teeth. Kornilsky again pressed his finger on the cap of the bubble, squeezed the last drop, blinked several times and threw an empty vial in the trash.

Because of the bucket got a big black beetle, looked darkly at Kornilskogo, moved his mustache and hid under the sink.

In the bathroom, turn off the water, the door opened, quiet steps again heard in the corridor, then slammed the door, and there was silence.

Kornilsky returned to the room. The doll was sitting on the bed, dangling his shod feet into small shoes, stared at the wall and smiled.

Fragments disappeared. Kornilsky smiled, walked over to a chair, put on his pants and shirt. I could hear water dripping in the bathroom. Kornilsky approached the bed, sat down with the doll and held his hand over her hair.

Doll swayed and fell on his back, putting up stiff legs. Kornilsky leaned over and rubbed his nose against her tummy. - Thats it would be better - he whispered. - Can you in fact, if you want.

Oh, you podhalimka small. Doll said nothing and looked through Kornilskogo unblinking eyes. Kornilsky his fingers on his cheek and plastic poterebil lace trousers. Other hand, he ran under the dress, patted smooth tummy and felt a soft bulge and pressed her index finger. - Masha wants to eat, - said the doll. - What do you mean, all conspired, or what? - Exclaimed indignantly Kornilsky and abruptly pulled her hand from under her dress. - All you want to eat!

I tell you that cash cow, eh?

Tell me I look like a milk cow? Well, silly rubber, looks like? - Masha wants to eat - calmly repeated the doll. Kornilsky jumped out of bed, grabbed the doll by the legs, pulled over, but the doll so tightly clutched in just a folded blanket little fingers that slid down a blanket on the floor, pulling in a sheet and pillow. Kornilsky cried in a loud voice, pulled a blanket out of hand puppets, swung and hit his head on a doll chair. - I will cut off your hands - breathing heavily, muttered Kornilsky and brought the doll to his face. Doll continued to smile happily. - Masha wants to dance - she said. - Are you still kidding?

So Ill show you a cash cow, bitch a little! - Bryznuv saliva Kornilsky screamed, grabbed the dolls hair, unwound over his head and slapped her face several times on the edge of the table. Something snapped, fell to the floor plastic eyes and rolled away under the bed.

Kornilsky watched his eyes again, repeatedly struck the doll and threw it into the corner. The doll fell on his back, pink hair, leapt to the side, one arm was folded over his back, the other covered her face, as if preventing the next attack. The remaining on- site eyes deeply inserted in a broken head, bead pupil for some time continued to bounce in and finally stopped.

On the ledge outside the window sat a familiar fat pigeon, but instead of knocking, he began to clean the feathers. The scene in the room, apparently not interested in it. - What do you, viper, eyes porasteryala? After the glue has ended, do not you know? I have nothing to glue your eyes now, - said softly Kornilsky, ran to the doll and struggled kicked her in the stomach. After the fourth attack, he felt both within the doll broke an iron bar spine.

Doll sighed and bowed her head. - Masha wants to sleep - sadly she said. - A dance will not want to, you fool? - Joyfully exclaimed Kornilsky and laughed. - And then you can make a great party! What do you prefer: a waltz or a polonaise? What about personnel?

No? Do not want to square dance? Well, then lying here!

And see that everything was clean when I come! Otherwise, hands cut off! Kornilsky walked into the hallway, put on sneakers and took second with a string bag hook, when suddenly the door bell rang. " Is it too early today" - thought Kornilsky, went to the door and looked through the peephole. Before the eye loomed shaggy top of the head Gorlikova.

Kornilsky swallowed and looked at his watch. It was five minutes past ten. Gorlikov again pressed the bell and a few seconds, not to remove the finger. From the ceiling crumbled white trash.

Kornilsky sighed and opened the door and took a few steps deeper into the corridor. Gorlikov pushed the wheelchair wheel and drove into the apartment. Small eyes flashed angrily at a lush head of hair tousled brown hair, uncombed locks flowing in the moth- eaten teddy shoulders. On his lap lay a warm blanket in black, red cell, from under the rug protruded short stump in blue socks. - Youre late - Gorlikov said hoarsely, and moistened his pink tongue plump lips.

Yellow saliva flowed from the corner of his mouth and rolled down her chin. It was terrible. - I was just going to go! - Began to apologize Kornilsky and made a couple of steps back. Gorlikov leaned back in his chair, turned around, leaning one arm in the armrest, and shut the door. From the room he heard a quiet creak. - And that, my dear, I absolutely do not care. You promised yourself, no? - Spoke meanwhile Gorlikov, moving in a chair in the corridor.

Kornilsky retreated step by step, until, finally, was not in the room. Corner of his eye he saw his reflection in the hanging on the wall of a large mirror: skinny, awkward kid with swollen eyes and a long, slightly curving upward nose.

Finally he came back on the window sill and then stopped. Gorlikov left in the middle of the room and began to look around. - Id had earlier - continued to make excuses Kornilsky - yes only this bitch again spoiled it all! You know, its not, without the dirty tricks! Ill complain to the Pope! You just think youre a living, and I every morning have to tolerate this mockery!

And every morning I forced . . . - What are you, bastard, our daughter has done? - Suddenly interrupted Gorlikov.

Kornilsky stopped short and looked at the doll. Doll sitting on the bed with one hand inserted into the empty eye socket its plastic eyes, which she apparently managed to find under your bed. In the other hand doll holding a steel screwdriver.

On split lips again played an innocent smile. - Oh, you nit! - Kornilsky shouted and rushed to the doll. But here Gorlikov took off knee rug, spun in his chair and waved a long leather whip. At Gorlikove were new green plastic shorts with yellow stripes on the sides. " Complete" - with horror had time to think Kornilsky when the whip hissed in the air, obvilsya around his neck, tore off the floor and threw it on the wall. Kornilsky knocked a chair, fell, rolled over on his stomach, tore his nose red carpet, and then again on his feet, but Gorlikov was faster: it struck again Kornilskogo whip, this time in the face, tearing off her cheeks with the remnants of dried paint.

Doll delicately laughed and started poking around with a screwdriver in the surviving eye, trying, apparently, poprochnee lock it in place. - I thought, you have really important things have already begun to doubt - puffed Gorlikov, lashing Kornilskogo whip - and youre here on the poor girl kidding!

Sadist! I know, why are you girls do not love, but she was not going to teach you, she needs your care, attention! Shes fond of you as you do not understand you? We thought it would make a man out of you, and you, heartless creature, and is not going to change!

Clay stranger rashoduesh, grease drink, batteries zhresh!

Where are my batteries, eh? I know, I know where my batteries!

Take that, bastard, heres more! Kornilsky all the while rolling on the floor, trying to close nimble hands of a whip, but the last word Gorlikova if they brought him to life. He was on his knees ran to the window, opened it quickly and grabbed not had time to fly thick pigeon. Zavorkoval frightened dove, but Kornilsky wasted no time, broke his neck and decapitated.

Blood Fountain scored from open wounds, pouring a paper shirt Kornilskogo.

Doll screamed and dropped the screwdriver Gorlikov rapturously sighed, and with trembling hands tore Kornilsky body dove and pulled out two small batteries. - Heres your battery, redneck! - He shouted and rushed to Gorlikovu. Seeing batteries Gorlikov threw sticks and stretched out both hands with short fingers dirty, he had paid no attention to Kornilskogo, unable to distract the view from the long- awaited breakfast, but Kornilsky unexpectedly jumped, flew rest of the way and fell on top Gorlikova, breaking his nose stomach.

Chair turned upside down, and my friends fell to the floor.

Kornilsky tried to stand, but his nose is firmly stuck between the boards, and Gorlikov, one hand pressed to his Kornilskogo, another grabbed the battery and shoved them into his mouth. There was a loud crunching sound, something broke out of his ears Gorlikova went blue smoke, and his mouth poured a viscous black liquid.

Kornilsky once again that it forces rushed, nose popped up from the floor, but Gorlikov and this time was quicker: he pushed Kornilskogo, flipped him on his back and then leaned back on him, with his nose Kornilskogo continued to protrude from the plush back yells of pleasure Gorlikova . Something close flopped on the floor, Kornilsky how it was possible, he turned his head and saw that the doll jumped off the couch, picked up a screwdriver and I quickly crawled to it. - Thats really do a service! - Somewhere in the top voice Gorlikova which is slowly raised himself on the nose Kornilskogo and again slipped down on it. - Excellent battery! You got me just delighted!

I could not do both at once, eh? Would come to me, we would be with you played, I would have treated with glue, Ive got another tube. Oh, you goosey! Gorlikov again stood up, leaned sideways, hand over hand on the floor, moved the body Kornilskogo, once his head between his legs.

Kornilsky felt as solid plush ears tickled his feet. - Hey, do not touch your stupid head, my feet! - Kornilsky yelled and tried to shake off the Gorlikova, but the doll finally crept close enough to him and stuck a screwdriver in your eye, beat his head against the floor. Kornilsky felt the eyes of ichor spattered and sticky drops rolled down his cheeks. - What are you trying to break away? - Gorlikov said gently, continuing to rub his ears about legs Kornilskogo. - We are a hundred times already so played! - Anything, just do not have to touch the head, my feet! - Wriggling Kornilsky whimpered.

Doll piled all over the screwdriver, and now, swaying from side to side and widened the hole in the eye Kornilskogo. - Please do not touch the head of my feet! - So youre a late, buddy! - Happily Gorlikov whispered furiously stroking wooden lap Kornilskogo. - I told you what would happen if you are late, no? That tolerance is now . . . But in general - I can not stop you wonder: Who would be your head on my feet rubbed? I would be very happy, will you believe it? Yes, brother, thats the way it usually happens: for one that is unpleasant, the other can raise on top of bliss!

Kornilsky felt a growing sense of panic in him, and struggled huddled under Gorlikovym. He had almost managed to escape, but there it was: a doll, perhaps a screwdriver to loosen the statute, grabbed a stick, wrapped it around his neck Kornilskogo, crawled back, threw the stick across the table, and leaning on it with both feet and began to pull itself singing some funny song. Kornilsky realized that he had nowhere to go, and stood still, listening to the crunch of the cervical vertebrae. Blood spurted from his nose and rolled down the back Gorlikova. - Thats our guy! - Shouted Gorlikov, Kornilskogo bit the finger of the left leg and pulled teeth, dirty nails. - You just relax and enjoy. Generally Lucky you!

I have what is called, wanted to spend with you educate the girls that you continue to not offend, but here such a surprise!

Okay, we carry out this work next time! And now - the disco! Kornilsky realized that Gorlikov rights, and actually tried to relax. He even seemed to feel the pain goes away, giving place to a pleasant languor.

Several times he gently lifted and lowered his head, sliding on a smooth sting screwdriver and feeling his nose elastic rubs against the insides Gorlikova, and suddenly heard someone quickly sorts out little feet on the floor. Kornilsky cocked sideways healthy eyes and saw that a healthy black beetle, taken a liking to a place in a bin in the kitchen, ran into the room, looked around and, without saying a word, rushed to the headless calf fat pigeon. He got it through the still bleeding neck and proceeded inside something to chew on, loud champing and spitting. Doll meanwhile tired pull over whip, realizing that the decapitated Kornilskogo it still does not succeed, and again took up her eye: she vdela a needle and coarse thread intently, looking at a small mirror, began to sew up the broken eye socket. - Wow! - Hurray! - Yes! - Asked the mother. - Well, lets go?

Agree? No? - So what? How do you like? Agree? No?

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new zimbabwe newspaper Anapa "- Read the mystical and fantastic, funny and scary, children,






new zimbabwe newspaper

This story happened to me when I was 16 years old. My mom and I went to Anapa to her aunt who had a baby daughter 10 years.

I still had no sexual experience, but every day I could jack off, and it was on that. Every day see a delicious tanned bodies of girls and women, and maintained is not everyone can do. Thus passed day after day, and every once in a fantasy I had a new partner. I forgot to say that I lived with my mothers apartment that same aunt. Auntie, this led a hectic life, loved to drink wine all day empty- handed, and we have been obliged to take to the sea Ksyusha ( her daughter) .

After the sea we came tired at lunch and after going to bed immediately. One day my mom went in the afternoon in a beauty salon and said she would not soon, because there are a queue and have to wait, I also was told to look after Ksyusha. Well, we went home, in turn went to the shower and went to see Telecom. Xenia first sat next to me, and then put her head on my lap, she fell asleep.

Through the shorts, I felt that my swelling member begins to lift her head. I put his hand into panties and straightened her pussy position not to get into the absurd situation. Then I could not resist pretending to look telecom, and himself with might and main caressed her stomach and thighs through his sisters lung dress.

Minutes after 3 I grew bolder and put his hand under her dress and groped her panties. At home all the time running in shorts, and long time to consider them. They were so lacy, weightless, transparent, and they depicted Mickey Mouse or some other multgeroy.

For a minute I held his hand on the panties, stroking her ass sisters, and all eyes, that she did not wake up. But she slept peacefully, calmly, as only children can sleep. Then I started slowly with one hand to drive her head on his groin, while the other crawled under her panties and put his finger in a hole in her anus. There was a little wet and I realized that it was not a substitution.

That made me even more excited, I got my finger and began to sniff and already hard at moving his pelvis under her head. I realized that I need to be discharged.

I went to the bathroom, looked into the washing machine, in which lay dirty things, and found her other panties. They were behind in brown divorce, and in front it was still yellow spot, but it all smelled delicious. I wore them on her face, lick them, smell them and masturbate, then took them in hand and rubbed them on his penis.

I finished right on them, I have had to wash and then hang on the balcony. This happened because the first intimate acquaintance with my sister.

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