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I opened the front door and entered the apartment. Going into the living room I just gasped: there are nine guys. I walked into the room and saw six more. I was not myself.

Last night I just did was fucked.

I slept a few hours and probably will not have to rest now. - Well, bitch, is it? " Undress, will be to fuck - said the brother. I slowly undressed exposing her to flog the body. Guys even whistled when they saw that my body is covered with red stripes. - Who are you so?

I decided not to tell the truth. - Customers. - And for what? - Im not good enough they sucked. My brother came up to me and slapped him. Im from impotence fell to the floor. - What are you bitch me disgrace? !

I told you three years as I give to my mouth. Brother in a rage took me by the hair from the floor, pulled off his pants and put my mouth on the tonsils, I even choked in surprise. Pushed my brother and coughed.

Flowed from my eyes with tears. - Oh, you bitch, refuse to suck? Ill teach you guys to serve.

My brother put my head on his penis and become hard to fuck my throat. I davilas a member. Tears flowed from her eyes. But I did not dare to disobey him and gave her mouth to the fucking. The other guys sat and calmly looked at how rape a girl - a teenager.

Soon his brother had finished my face and kicked me with his foot on the chest. I fell down and wept bitterly. - Thats sucking need is a whore. Now go wash my face and returned to us. Pussy and ass wash. Will be to fuck all night.

When I got out of the bathroom, my brother came up to me and put me on the neck a leather collar. Legs shackled bracelets, joined a small chain. So that I could only move slowly.

Hands started me s 0 back.

From shoulders to wrists, arms pulled tightly with ropes so that they almost instantly turned red. I almost screamed in pain, but tolerated. Also put on the wrist cuffs. - Now youre ready to get you fucked. Become a cancer center of the room.

I went to the middle of the room in which there were guys. All were already bare, the members stood and just waiting for opportunities to fuck me.

When I was at the center, I wondered, how do I become a cancer. I fell on my knees with no problems.

But the next . . I just fell face down on the floor, holding up the ass.

And then he got hit with a belt on her ass. - For prevention, - said my brother and everyone laughed.

I cried. I started to fuck. Guys came in turns, inserted a member of their favorite hole and fucked. Fucked not long - a minute or two, and gave way to another. For half an hour in my holes have already visited all fifteen guys.

Guys though fucked my pussy and ass, but were unhappy that I can not suck.

Brother at length refused to release my hands so I could climb.

And instead of the member proposed to give me their fingers their feet. I began to lick them, iterating his fastidiousness. Although it was nothing compared with what a few hours ago I ate shit. As time went on. I was fucked.

In the ass, a pussy, a pussy, in ass. Guys changing, changing. I have a stiff knee. Aching body.

I did not move for about two hours. All that I felt this continual movement of the pistons in my overworked hole. Guys several times had to change each other. But soon, this nightmare is over. My brother took me to the collar and put it on your knees.

Ordered to open his mouth. I understood - will stop. It was impossible to go wrong.

The guys came on stage. Cum on the face.

Part of the sperm get in the mouth. Swallow was forbidden.

The guys ended their long and with relish. Sprayed cum on my face. Ten minutes later it was over. I was a miserable and at the same time incredibly exciting spectacle.

Just imagine the following scene: a young girl, 16 years old, with black hair to his shoulders, chest second size, sits completely naked in front of the collar 15 th guys, hands tied behind his back with such force that all the red from the pain, all the hair poured viscous semen, on lips, chin, nose, forehead, cheeks, neck, chest - several layers of semen girls mouth is filled to the brim with sperm from the sperm of the sea sticks, metal gantelka, which punctured my reed; eyes faithfully and harassed look on his tormentors. My brother went to fetch the camera and took some photos.

After that I was allowed to swallow sperm. Once my mouth was free, the guys began to feed me.

In turn, came up to me, dipped her head member in the sperm, which was on my face and sent it to me in the mouth. I carefully licked and swallowed the sperm. As a token of gratitude, I sucked the head. So in my mouth have visited all 15 members.

When all sperm from my body and face migrated into my mouth, I was allowed to wash and tidy himself up.

I untied his hands, removed the shackles from the feet and I went to the bathroom. So I washed, clean, newly painted standing in the room before fifteen hungry guys, whose members stand again. The guys sat in the living room. Whos on the couch, who in his chair, who in his chair.

I was told to suck. It would be better I fucked . . . During the previous fucked I do not have to exert any effort. And now I had to bring to orgasm, all 15 boys. Otherwise, I would certainly be beaten.

Sleep like crazy. I was very tired. But at the same time, I wanted to eat.

Despite the fact that I recently drank a sea of sperm.

I almost did not notice it. And 15 new batches of sperm in any way that would drown out my hunger. However, regardless of all the pros and cons of this situation, the choice I had and I had to suck all. I crawled to the first guy.

They, of course, was my brother. She took his penis in her mouth. Sucked. His hands were free and I was able to fondle his balls, trying to bring orgasm. Not letting a member out of his mouth, I glanced at him.

He did not look at me. Lounging in a chair, he threw his head back. His eyes seemed to me, were closed.

He enjoyed my blowjob without interfering with me to do it. Even his hands do not lie on my head, as were the rail seat. Encouraged by the fact that I can suck, and do not fuck my mouth, I started to do blowjob with even greater enthusiasm. Sucked for twenty minutes. Lastly, he began to breathe more rate increases than before.

I realized soon will finish. Member, who had freely lying in my mouth, straining my throat and hit a powerful stream of semen. I swallowed. Second shot.

Once again, I swallowed. His cock shot cum I swallowed. My brother left off. I drank all that without spilling a drop. Penis fall off in my mouth.

Not a word, no sound.

I shyly looked at him. He already was not looking at the ceiling, and on me. Watched with approval. But did not say a word.

Only slightly shook his head in the direction of the next guy.

I understood everything. I did not have to explain.

I crawled from my brother for the second guy. Not a word, no sound.

He never touched me, like a brother. Again, my lips were sucking. Worked diligently, trying to please a guy.

Penis was small.

Centimeters of 14, but very tasty. He smelled my holes and a cocktail of sperm that was on my face. Im swallowing it whole. To me it was easy with my experiences.

And soon, he ends up. Like his brother, in silence. In the mouth.

I drink. I drink every drop. Lick on a purely another member. Im at the feet of the third guy.

The guy does not even look at me. Gaining sms to someone. So let it be. My job sucked.

And that I can do.

Member of the mouth.

Hmmm . . And he is handsome. Small. Up to 15 inches. But extremely thick.

A sort of tasty sausage. Plump Member I love. They fill your mouth to overflowing. Rub on all the walls to suck them very nicely.

This term dip himself in the mouth, and froze. Balde, from such tolstyachka in my mouth. Hold in the mouth and tongue caress. Furtively watching the guy. He likes.

Do not remove a member from his mouth, working exclusively tongue and lips, holding it tolstyachka mouth.

His head is in my throat. The guy does not stand up my head. Short.

As it should, I drink all the cum. In the mouth of the fourth member of the boy. He is the exact opposite of the previous one. Very long, about 17 - 18 centimeters.

But at the same time not tolstyachek.

With such I treat differently. Doing deep blowjob. Dip term to end in the throat. My nose runs into his hairy crotch.

Tightly compressed lips, take out a member of the mouth. I leave in your mouth just the head. A guy rolls his eyes with pleasure. Double. In the throat and pull out.

Another double. Again, the same method.

Sosa did not last long. 10 minutes. But being tired all still have time.

All the same, the fourth blowjob. And to do 11. So let it be.

The main thing I did not get beaten. And I can devote himself to favorite pastime - sucking mans penis as I want. Controlling their own actions.

The guy finishes. Drink. Crawled to the fifth. Ordinary member. Swallow suck.

This term I remember. Baldeet guy when he licks the eggs.

Well. . . .

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kuwait arabic newspaper

Hello, my name is Nadine. Like. This bureaucratic, sounds, eh? " Hello, my name is Nadine. " Much naughty: star blow job. " Vulgar? Well, my profession initially implies some vulgarity.

Mind if I unbutton the top couple of buttons on her blouse? Not that I was hot, but it felt better than male fluids having vpolnevzaimnym action - youre eyeing on my body, I catch this kayf. Vot so much better, believe me mne. Itak get started.

Im 25, my name is Nadine and I know all about men.

Is not it boldly " I am not very lucky with the figure, although the public thinks Im a very pretty even. I was pretty proigryvayuv growth, plus a clear predisposition to the completeness . . . It would not be fat: Although: Although the time I still have. And there is a trump card - vrozhdennayachuvstvennost, which governs my behavior: as I say, look, walk, move, even breathe. Some people call these women as I shlyuhami.

Chto you so moved? Calm - all true.

Im a whore. And do not take any money. Because I think my fascination with sex is not a profession, and prizvaniem.

Vesma, I note, pleasant vocation. Indeed, much intrigue carries sebemimoletny fuck with a young stranger! Here are just a way to take and suck him after the first five minutes of dating!

Swallow his semen iuyti, leaving him stupid mess in his pants down: But I have digressed. Today I want to tell you how it all began, or rather - as I have lost their precious virginity.

I believe that this is a very funny story. So I lived with her parents in a large dvenadtsatietazhnogo dome. Roditeli worked hard, i.

FF was entirely left to itself. Desire stirred in me thirteen years.

It was then, when they began to swell his chest and came down on red pubic hair. I ceased to draw in his komnateshtory.

But at the same time - use the robe. I walked around the house naked and I was pleased to think that I was somebody can nablyudat. Vprochem, so it was: half of the inhabitants of the surrounding windows were thrown all their classes to see my show: I came out of the bath, I stand vozleokna and slowly comb volosy. Uzhe evening, the room light on, and Im in an aquarium - naked and on display.

The tips of her breasts shamelessly tilted my moist skin as if lit, shodyasliniyami body on a smooth crotch, barely covered with red poroslyuvolos, aglaza . . . Ive always looked straight before her eyes Madonna - quietly and without a shadow of smuscheniya.

Chto surprising - no parents reported a my tricks. Perhaps due to the fact that otherwise similar " show" would cease once and for all.

And while everything went passed and I soon learned with joy of masturbation. Opening svershilossluchayno - while swimming in vannoy.

I it was only the beginning. Later, I learned how to do it masterfully: experimenting with the rate of movement, change hands as addiction, are pushing itself necessary fantasies. Now my " show" was supplemented by all sorts of spice, Im not just standing before a mirror, and in every way to show off, taking the most risque poses. My lips were whispering something far from respectable, for example: " I am ready: Fuck me: " . I liked to watch, even for myself, at that moment my lovely plump lips become witnesses, pointed soskinalivayuschihsya maturity breasts stretched almost parallelnozemle eyes blur wet . . .

Yamedlennoopuskalas languishing on a chair near the mirror, depraved arranged the legs sideways, and his hands zapuskalasebe in the perineum, Stroking there . . . The girls in the class uzhevovsyu they talked about boys, in terms heard somewhere in the details: " member" , " sperm" , " end" , they have poured these epithets, but I knew - bravado!

None of them in my life felt the survivor. I wanted to know about everything to find their hearts content. But somehow, aumelo! Tasteful and knowledge of the subject!

In short, I needed podgotovka. I once I got it, chtohotela.

Buduchi visiting his uncle, I accidentally found his pack pornograficheskihfotografy. Dyadyabyl that eschezhuk - he took a hidden camera all its amorous adventures, but the most prominent trofeevsobralsamuyu this collection. For me etisamyefotografiistalisamym a revelation - I nepredpolagala that the word " love" can be interpreted in such unimaginable positions, such vozmozhnostyamitela . . . Then I broke all my records, prozanimavshis " love" with itself until utra. Eti pictures possess magical properties, their cost porazglyadyvat least several minutes, as I re- plant, and again taken to be polished buttons of my clitoris: The story in photos were supplemented by several numbers read " Hustler" .

And posleetogo I could safely say to herself, in theory I know about sex vse. Tepermne needed a facility to test my " feminine weapons" to target praktike. S there was no problem - I was quickly recruited his " guests" of his classmate Dzhonni.

Ya no longer I remember a pretext under which I was enticed Johnnic itself.

The fact that it came exactly at the appointed time, and I, as a respectable woman, brewed it chayu. A when giving him the cup and allowed him to her hearts content to admire her breasts in her dressing gown raspahe. The poor already on most pupils fell into it when caught him red- handed: - Like it? " He blushed, and I dobila his finger pointing to his swollen fly: " I see - like: Johnny bravely ate boiling water in a vain search for appropriate words. But I smiled encouragingly and his tongue loosened: - Can you show? Once again, I shot around in his pants: - Can and will show . . .

Maybe kiss me first? He nodded, shyly walked up to me and awkwardly gubamimoyu pecked his cheek. This timidity I even laugh: - Not so silly . . . I threw her arms around his neck and literally vsosalasv his lips tselikomzasunuvyazyk circulated rot. Dzhonni passionately clung to me, burning me with his hot body, he slowly Lapal my hips, his chest, making his way to mnepodhalatik.

No I broke off Johnny sudovolstviem sadist , brutally expelling him domoy. A the track gave him a look at a couple of magazines " Hustler" , taking with him a firm promise that he " just bring them tomorrow. " I do not know how he lived it that " tomorrow" . At school he was almost devoured me with her eyes, and I skillfully teased him, casually touching her breast or a little kicking up her skirt. Naturally, he came to me for twenty minutes before the appointed time.

With both zhurnalami.

Zapoluchivobratno your treasure, I hinted to him from afar: - These magazines for preschoolers . . . Now I have estdesyatkatri photos . . . There, naturally, theres something to see! - Share! - Immediately burst into flames . - Well, Johnny did not know . . . - Pictures, I broke down. - Avdrugtykomu something about them tell me - do not tell the truth! I swear, do not tell, I took an oath. She took from its hiding under the bed cherished photos and vruchilaih.

Dzhonni. He eagerly glared at photos vnimatelnorazglyadyvaya every scene. Ten minutes passed before I asked him: - " How? " Johnny was killed outright by these images. His tryaslootvozbuzhdeniya, asta threatened to explode at the seams. - Terrific! - And who is better? - Innocently I asked Johnny. - I or these: In the photos? " Of course, he replied that I had. And then he climbed up to kiss.

I strongly pushed Johnny back with such force that he had not kept up, and plopped down in a way it was tucked kreslo. Yunoshahotel climb back, but I stopped him with an imperious gesture: - Sit! I turned on the beats of rhythmic music, standing in front of a guy sitting in a chair. Not that I was dancing . . .

This byldazhe not dance, I just dvigalabedrami, poudivitelnozavlekatelnoy sinusoid.

And then, looking pryamoemuvglaza, slowly pulled the shirt.

Moigrudi, sverknuvnabuhshimi pointed nipples, jumped out. His mouth slightly open, I oblizalasvoi own fingers, pulled his stomach and put their hands under your skirt . . . The dance lasted . - Come on, Johnny: Fetch a member: - I was surprised myself how easily those words came out of my mouth. - Masturbate myself: Youre wanker? Johnny barely mustered the strength to admit: - Yes, so . . .

Sometimes . . . - So do it! - I almost ordered emu. Dzhonni drozhaschimipaltsamirasstegnul pants and took out his tight body. I gasped in admiration - that fat was more than twenty centimeters in length . - Nefiga yourself! - Yadeystvitelno was struck dimensions member. - And do you hide this in his wanderings? ?

Johnny smiled shyly, leaned naspinkukreslai began slowly massaging her monster. But it skoronabral decent pace, often breathed excitedly nostrils.

I eagerly looked at his hands, trying to get into the rhythm of movements. I enjoy already on samogoprotsessa abuse Johnny and monitor this very process.

Hope! Lightning cracked skirts.

Lightweight fabric slid kmoim feet otkryvkartinu crotch, covered with rare red lips of my vagina volosami. Puhlye markedly differed in hand, and my fingers quickly tugged at the button klitora. Ot a great spectacle Johnny tensed. Another neskolkosudorozhnyh hand movements . . . Volley!

The first salvo was sent to me in the stomach, it was there he popal. Ya enthusiastically watched Johnny orgasm. A potomobmaknula finger into the liquid, thick flowing screed in her in the stomach and taste it. - Well? - Hoarse prointeresovalsya Johnny. - Like it? - Features: - I shied away from answering, and put on a dressing gown. - You pora. Segodnya he did not resist - perhaps experience enough. But kogdapodoshelk door and wanted to say goodbye to me with a kiss, I deftly dodged from his lips, she clung to him, hugged him and asked quietly: - Tell me, would you like more?

He could not answer, I already knew these two words: " Yes, very much so. " Im sure that night Johnny had as I did - with almost no sleep, endlessly turning over in bed. I mayalassvoimi dreams of hard- standing member. I tried to masturbate, but masturbation solo does not bring satisfaction of the former. Indeed, I wanted more.

Johnny called me every day, but I did not let him in, teasing promise namekami. A when his patience were heated to the limit, she called him: - Hello! Im going to take a bath. Would you like me? " You bet!

He raced in ten minutes, sweating and panting. Bath have already been prepared, hot, foaming at the knee. While Johnny was undressing in the room, I managed to take off his robe and slip into the hot vodu.

Poka he arranged with me in hot cramped conditions, I like to be considered by its inflexibility standing member. Yes, he was good in all respects - a thick, long, embraced on all sides with ropes swollen veins.

The head of the miracle of high machtoytorchala peny. Dlya heighten the excitement, weve brought a notorious pack of photos and now fun razglyadyvaniemetogo the focus of debauchery. Johnny especially liked the story, where my uncle shoved a member of some busty aunt almost in my throat. But he somehow did not believe that is possible. - Damn, is that true? As she chokes? - And you doubt it? - I do not know . . .

I could not resist not to ease off him: - But would like to do the same? Imagine: it takes a member of your sladkiyrotik, you drive it on the tonsils, but she sucks it sucks . . . Dzhonniazhzastonal had risen sharply from zhelaniya. Ne longer able to sit, he rose to his feet. Vodastekala on his body, his penis grew to completely neveroyatnyhrazmerov.

Mnestalo sorry for him. I vstalapered his knee and one hand on the suffering organ. Dzhonni, it seemed, was waiting for - put his hands on the tiled walls, closed his eyes and groaned . . .

The huge, bloated golovkachlena uprugoboltalas directly in front of my face. I uspevalapravoy hand massage is chudopo its entire length, and left his twirl myself up yaichki. Etotstvol looked magnificent monument of lust, of which only can dream woman. - Listen, and you would like . . . - I have only uttered these words, and the abdomen is something tozanylo, in anticipation of something sweet, forbidden- depraved . . . - What? - Johnny asked hoarsely, his cock already nemnogopredorgazmenno twitching and the issue of its markedly knocked vernogoputi to nirvana . - To you sucked? - In one breath " I said . - You bet! - Well then . . . - Yakonchikom yazykakosnulasbagrovogo monster Johnny. And in the next sekunduuzhebezrazdumy plunged his dick in his rot.

Na taste he was a little spicy, but priyatnym. Onbylkakim something elastic, while soft. I nursed him like a big piece of candy with pleasure licking the head of its entire circumference, from time to time trying to swallow his poglubzhe.

Dzhonnizastonal, and I suddenly realized chtoprotsess blow job gives me personally neslaboeudovolstvie: first, it was just nice, and secondly I again lovilakayf otsamogo fact sovrascheniya. Yasrazu realize how its done: I covered the term in the tight ring of her lips, making a translational motion along the entire length of the barrel, paying particular attention to the head, but forgot to bolsheypriyatnostine fingers with his left hand to stroke his own klitor. Obezumevshy of pleasure Dzhonnistal himself dvigatsyavpered and back, will drive the head into my throat. At first I felt sick, but very skoronauchilaspriderzhivat member hand, not letting him get too gluboko.

No the penis in my mouth began to twitch involuntarily, yaponyala - now Johnny blows. And how to prepare for the eruption, the volcano exploded yet unexpected: the first jet spermyproshla straight into my throat - yapochuvstvovala her hot burn, the second blow in the sky, filling my mouth lipkoybezvkusnoymassoy. Chto something I was able to swallow, but most chastzhidkostivyshlanaruzhu, leaked into the narrow space between the lips and chlenom. Dzhonnihripel, arching her hips forward, convulsively, following the direction of his volleys, akogda all over, we both fell into the water cooled down completely without any force. In the water floated the white clots spermy.

Pervye moment we were even afraid to look at each other. We were ashamed. But only a little, just a little. From dnya.

Dzhonni dying to fuck me.

And as always - I was impregnable. I was bored to fuck " just because" without izyuminki. A he nazvanival me: One day, I came up with his " zest" during one such call . - Are you going somewhere? - Busily asked Johnny. - Yes, so . . . - I cleverly sprinkled salt on his injured pride. - One uncle invited . - I see. You know . . . Ive been wanting to ask: Have you tried with a girl? - Why tried? - I was even offended. - Myuzhegod so fun!

Johnny wound up with a half- turn: - Wow! And who is this? - Yes, because: - on the run I lied. - Girlfriend 1: And why do men so indifferent to a womans love? Perhaps because of the very spice, a taboo topic, or perhaps desire to feel like a sultan in his little harem? Probably everyone has his own reasons. - And you are: - again incredulously explained Johnny. - Thousands neyzanimalaslyubovyu? - Well! - I. . .

How is it? - Well you know . . . In principle, the fun, but . . . Life member of the better . - Al- right! - Knowingly agreed Dzhonni.

Vnezapno my head prishlaocheninteresnaya thought: - Listen, I have a great idea! - Speak up! - You want me to fuck? " Johnny snorted so that the response of even the thought of idiot. - But I warn you - Im still a virgin: Johnny sniffed louder - the difficulties he was not scared . - You want more? Here we meet tomorrow. In a living, so to speak.

And all will know . - But where? Do you?

I thought for a moment - my parents, I think, going on vacation. - No, I dangerous.

Better Ill ask the keys to the apartment of my uncle. - Damn! How cool! - Dzhonnibyl beside himself with joy. I had the same opinion.

Uncle pulling out a long time, why me his apartment. I lied to him something: How could and did not really remember chto. No importantly, I still begged the keys and the next day after school we went to Johnny tuda. Epitsentrom apartment served as an elegant sofa. On which we settled, I and John.

At first I just kissed, and then stripped naked and uleglisv position " 69. " Yes, he did me great pleasure to your tongue. So nice that I almost forgot about the main point of the program. But I still found the strength to recover: - All, I can no longer: - I whispered to him. - Fuck me, please! Just do not finish up like me: Johnny did not have to beg for a long time and he immediately lay down on me from above. He poked me with his member, but the excitement could not get somewhere should.

I helped him to hand enter into their pescherku.

Pochuvstvovav the right direction, Johnny made a motion in depth, and at that moment a sharp pain hit me like electric razryadu. Ya cried out, but Johnny did not see anything coming through my virginity naprolom. Eto was much more painful than I expected.

I was never able to really enjoy, even when Johnny made me a " cancer" . But such a posture, seems to insist on keeping it the most, because I almost immediately heard the quickening of respiration, as probably happens before the orgasm. Finally, he predorgazmenno groaned, but remembering my words, managed to pull out and let a member of the semen on my back. And then we lay a long time to rest. And you?

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five o clock news

- So you . . . I mean you . . . only in the ass or something, this time fucked, huh? - Breathy pauses and he asked. - Why not just . . . The full program. I generally still in the restaurant the first time he sucked. Its tower there torment, and as I tried to persuade him not to suffer and dragged me into the mens room in the cabin, sat on the toilet, undid his pants, well, vdul in my mouth the whole hog on the tonsils, and even more!

Presents a picture . . . Madame sits in an evening gown on the toilet, in front of her man with his pants down and she had a smacking sucks!

In adjacent cubicles who came while I sucked him, so everything, of course, perfectly heard. And he was still so loud groan went down started . . . " And who is louder? " - George is already too full swing moaning ending. Not finished here, under such a story, and besides, Olga, said while at the same time rhythmically squeezing and relaxes the anal muscles. She continued to do so after George stopped twitching.

A minute later George is not coming out yet from it, realized that he could continue on.

Listen, I have an erection persists, what to do? - Silly question. Ebi me further. - Olga still play anal muscle gymnastics. - Just now I want cancer. We can not decoupling, roll over? Bringing together a lap of his wife and pulling them to her belly, George gently turned his wife on one side.

His penis during the operation scrolls in the anus of Olga, do not go outside.

To the accompaniment of her passionate moans he turned it a little more, and when she was already lying ass up, could only put her on all fours.

Which he did, all the while remaining well within his beloved