& # 8226; Aziz surrender: Tariq Aziz, the former deputy prime minister of Iraq, surrendered to coalition forces after organizing the handover for several days to ensure the process was dignified, his family told CNN. The surrender took place late Thursday, U. S. officials and Aziz family members said. & nbsp; | & nbsp; & # 8226; Mosul firefight: A 20- to 30- man Iraqi paramilitary force attacked a coalition patrol northwest of Mosul on Friday, said Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Coalition forces killed several of the attackers and destroyed two technical vehicles, which are trucks with machine guns mounted on them.

Myers also said U. S. troops killed an Iraqi paramilitary and captured another fighter south of Baghdad. & # 8226; Marines head home: Elements of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit have begun returning to Camp Patriot in the northern Kuwaiti desert in preparation to return home, said Marine spokesman Capt.

Dan Mc. Sweeney. The unit' s 2, 300 Marines will pack up their equipment and gear for the trip back to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, aboard the USS Nassau, USS Austin and USS Tortuga, Mc.

Sweeney said. Details: & # 8226; Intelligence official caught: Farouk Hijazi, the former intelligence official accused in the plot to kill former President George H. Bush in 1993, is in U. S. custody, U.

S. officials said Friday.

Officials confirm that Hijazi, who was the chief of Saddam Hussein' s Mukhabbarat intelligence service, was taken into custody near the Syrian border Thursday evening. & # 8226; Marine patrols: U. Marines from the 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, attached to Task Force Tarawa, are patrolling the Iraqi- Iranian border along the length of the Wasit Province east of Kut. The patrols are designed to keep Iranian- backed dissidents from coming into Iraq.

The Marines are under orders to search and interview all people attempting to enter or leave Iraq through Iran. The Marines hope to locate and detain " all former regime officials, third- country nationals and insurgents, " according to a U. Central Command statement. & # 8226; Warning prepared: Lt. Gen.

David Mc. Kiernan, commander of ground forces in Iraq, plans to issue a proclamation reminding Iraqi politicians that coalition forces are the sole authority in the country until a new government is put in place, U. S. military sources told CNN.

The proclamation is part of an effort to ensure Iraqi politicians don' t attempt to fill a power vacuum left by the ouster of Saddam Hussein' s regime.

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